• 12seven provides strategic analysis, advice and solutions across all business disciplines. Whether your company is just starting out, needs a boost, or is on the verge of boom, 12seven provides guidance, reports, procedures, training and resources to unlock you company’s potential.
  • Practical business opinion based on years of frontline domestic and international experience, 12seven provides counsel to tackle the ever changing demands of your customers, the external environment, your competition, your strategic direction and business structure.
  • 12seven provides a comprehensive suite of consulting services and training across the fields of General Management, Business Planning, Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Procedure Development, Contract Evaluation and Contract Negotiation to all industry sectors.

Business Plans

  • With today’s pressures and demands it’s a fact that many executives spend more time planning their holidays than they do developing and maintaining a business plan. No matter how big or small your business you need a road map to the future.
  • Whether you need a business plan to achieve growth, to raise capital, for internal direction or for sale or acquisition, 12seven can assist you achieve those goals.
  • 12seven can help you formulate a comprehensive plan for your entire business or develop tailored strategic plans to address specific business or market needs.
  • Business plans may be internally or externally focused and when complete become the roadmap to guide the course of your business.
  • No matter how big or small the assignment, we can assist your team to develop your strategic plan or 12seven can write it for you.

Project Management

  • 12seven project managers and facilitators work with organisations throughout the Asia Pacific, across a variety of industry sectors, providing project management know-how and understanding.
  • Project management requires specific skills in the areas of discipline, organisation and planning. Our consultants bring that acquired knowledge and experience to deliver positive project outcomes for our clients.
  • 12seven provide the resources necessary to deliver internal or external projects. No matter how large, small, complex or simple the project, 12seven has a range of services that are tailored to suit the needs and budget.
  • 12seven provides project management consulting, training, and resources to assist organisations improve performance and deliver projects effectively. Our aim is deliver your project on time and within budge.

Tenders and Proposals

  • 12seven is adept at helping companies to prepare successful tenders, reports and proposals and we also provide front-line consultants to sell and negotiate the bid when required.
  • Our experience covers private and public sectors in domestic and international markets, with projects ranging from $100,000 to $2billion.
  • Writing successful reports, proposals and tenders requires specific skills and competencies. 12seven knows how to address the client request, how to prepare the submission, theme and structure the proposal, provide precise content and deliver a winning message.
  • 12seven works with originations and their clients throughout the Asia Pacific, across a variety of industry sectors, on small, medium and large scale projects.

Company Image & Culture


Want a positive image? Whether you’re just starting a business or your company is in need of a makeover, 12seven can assist with creating that positive image.

Today to secure and keep a high reputation, we have to learn social skills that were not necessary in the past.

All companies large or small have reputations to build and protect and image is far more than impressive websites and stationary. It has your corporate culture at its heart.

12seven provides advice and resources to help you develop and maintain positive company image and culture.

Health & Wellbeing


12seven knows that improving the health and wellbeing of your employees will reduce company risk, lower cost and maximise productivity. And its good, responsible corporate management that your employees will appreciate.

We tap into our extensive network of specialist to provide advice, programmes, incentives, lectures and presentations that are tailored to meet your needs, available time and budget.

We do not provide therapy or clinical support, but advice on diet, exercise, stress management, positive working relations, and good work/life balance.

12seven also provides team building lectures and short programmes.