Executive Coaching

Could you perform better with a sounding board, a mentor, a coach? A collaborative relationship that allows you to use your talent and skills, but also provides you the additional support of an experienced individual?

Executive and Business Coaching, is now recognised as one of the most effective ways to improve individual, team and company performance. Coaches often referred to as mentors, assume the role of the wise adviser drawing on their own personal and professional experiences.

A business coach advises individuals and teams on business related matters such as plans and strategies to help the business grow. Whist an executive coach aims to make managers more effective leaders by providing advice and by mutually developing personal plans that allow individuals to get the best out of their career.

12seven provides executive and business coaches with experience and insight, who will guide and advise individuals or teams in their development and effectiveness.

Executive coaching can fast track learning, provide valuable insights, develop confidence, performance and help avoid business and personal pitfalls.