Research & Surveys

12seven provides studies customised to your specific requirements. No off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solutions. We prefer to first understand you business and its needs, tailor a program to suit your business and its budget, then complete the work and present the results.

Research: 12seven research is systematic investigations that provide knowledge to assist your business establish the facts. Facts that can provide discovery, develop new theories, solve problems and prove ideas. Research made available by an independent consultant from an open minded prospective.

Surveys: It’s much easier to make important decisions when you have reliable, informed information providing valid measures for you to draw on. 12seven can assist with customer surveys, market surveys, employee surveys and leadership surveys. Surveys that help companies and individuals discover crucial data and unearth their true potential.

12seven provides professional internal and external surveys and research that is customized to suit specific company needs, timeframes and budgets.